Are you tired of paying a lot, we have solution beyond limits.


IMKH is a Swedish growing accounting agency providing Accounting services and Professional recruitment in different  areas  with  an ambitious future plans. We work structured and proactive to fulfil our customer’s dreams specially in Sweden, Scandinavia and EU Region. We provide a next-generation style of advance Accounting and recruitment reflecting our values and practical, results driven approach combined with experience both in Accounting and Telecom operational management, strategy and finance.


We work together with our customers and agreed from the day one

Contracts on your conditions

We have years’ experience from professional environment as Company leaders both in national and international   experience. We specialize in assisting our customers by studying/focusing their nature of work and plans in their work process. We take in role with full ambitions, engagement and trust of our customers and meet our customer’s goals and achievements. With an international experience, competence and service with competitive prices and unique service offer assist our consultants a result oriented achievements.


Our experience covers strategy, marketing, and business development across the entire Accounting and Telecom value chain from consumer to enterprise, content to applications and to increase profitability and enable to gain advantage in fast paced market. Our philosophy is always customer in focus and offers them from simple to complex result oriented services in their core business needs.


Our distinguishing features are:

High competence and good service

Competitive competence

Unique service offer


We have even competitive legal partners who help our customers in legal help if required.

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Are you tired of paying a lot, we have solution beyond limits.