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Accounting and Financial

Accounting is form of documentation of company financial results and balance sheets. Accounting includes daily business deals but even with monthly and yearly final accounts. We provide our customers with accounting services and show them the exact picture of company standings. Information we take and make reports from basic decision to complex decision made by the company. Let IMKH deal with company financial services as we offer.


Let IMKH deal with company financial services as we offer.

  • Basic accounting
  • VAT/ Moms accounting declarations
  • Tax declarations
  • Customers receivables
  • Supplier payables
  • Payroll
  • Invoice services in our agency



Final accounts/ Year ending reports

IMKH deals all kinds of Company final and year ending reports. All type of company is obligated to make final accounts and year ending reports irrespective of company formation type. Final account must be in form of final accounts, year ending reports and financial economic standings. Year ending report is more detailed final accounts with company standing report sended to company holding agency (Bolagsverket) which is publicly official handlings interested for example Banks, tax department  shareholders and other interested parties. IMKH financial consultants with their technical expertise and experience prepare all kinds of reports to their customers and provide them services for all type of tax declarations and company economical standings.

Services we offer are:

  • Final Accounting reports
  • Year ending reports
  • Declarations  of all type of companies formation
  • Control reports/ Payroll
  • Consolidated reports
  • Financial advice


Consulting Services

Consulting Services

IMKH value its clients’ needs and it specializes in recruiting and placing right candidate at the right slot in Sweden, Scandinavia and EU region. IMKH consultants are skilled enough to understand the criticality of the project and does not require longer to adjust themselves into their respective area of expertise in an ongoing project.


Our technical staff is capable of understanding technical details of the client and can undergo in detail of the contractor profile before the actual contractual agreement take place. Some of the key areas of expertise our contractors hold are


  • Dynamic AX Consultants
  • Java Developers
  • .Net Developers
  • Cloud Engineers AWS & Microsoft AZURE
  • Front End & BackEnd Developers
  • Web Designers
  • PHP Developers
  • Database Engineers
  • Solution Architects
  • CRM Engineers
  • Oracle Financial Consultants

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Are you tired of paying a lot, we have solution beyond limits.